2014 Pageant Winners

And the Winners are

Baby Miss – Hallie Vaughan
Young Mr. – Jackson Newcomb-Henry
Tiny Miss – Juliana Rapisarda
Jr. Petite Miss – Sophia Price
Petite Miss – Angel Meccadante
Little Miss – Mariza Supapo
Young Miss – Marion Supapo
Jr. Miss – Sicilia Oseguera
Miss Vacaville – Amelia Jensen
Miss Teen Vacaville – Cynthia Dominguez
Vacaville Princess – Mya Draper
Mrs. Vacaville – Megan Morgan
Mrs. Solano County – Savita Jackson
Miss Solano County – Olga Lechuga
Miss Teen Solano County – Jacqueline Ebert
Solano County Princess – Maria Espinoza


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